These results indicate that Betaine was able to stabilize heart cell membranes (in the face of isoaprenaline, which is known to cause heart attacks. Betaine protection is probably by its antioxidant property against free radicals.

Dr. Kunin’s Comment:

We also know that Betaine supports production of methionine and SAM and this is independent of folate and cobalamin (B12). Thus, my interpretation is that betaine can convert TOXIC homocysteine into ESSENTIAL methionine. That is the key, for Methionine makes SAM, which is needed to make hundreds of methyl products required to keep us healthy. By delivering its methyl carbon, SAM becomes SAH, which can mesh with the Cystathionine enzyme, CBS, and thus liberate cysteine, required for synthesis of glutathione and taurine. These final products are protective for heart cells and against free radicals generated by the heart muscle itself. Consider this: the heart muscle MUST generate energy for a lifetime and free radicals are a continuous by-product of this continuous activity. Betaine is an important protective factor in this amazing feat. It is a major anti-aging nutrient, and not only in the heart, but also the liver and kidneys.

Note: There are many research publications regarding isoprenaline and myocardial infarcts. Curcumin and many other herbs have been tested and were successful, so was DMSO. Not only are free radicals considered important but ischemia, low blood flow, due to partial coagulation of blood is also recognized. But the most natural and least toxic approach most likely is Betaine.

Incidentally, beta-adrenergic drugs are known to oxidize into toxic products, such as adrenochrome. Abram Hoffer, father of megavitamin therapy, researched the use of vitamin C as an antidote to adrenochrome in the treatment of schizophrenia. Free radical biochemistry is a factor in many acute and chronic illnesses, especially those that involve inflammation.

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Description: Betaine, TMG, protective against heart attack.

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