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Thank you also for your interest in Ola Loa Products and for visiting our web site. Ola Loa is more than a vitamin company, it’s a way of life — it’s about achieving your greatest potential and realizing optimum health. And, it’s about feeling your best—and having a greater capacity to enjoy life.

As a child I learned firsthand how important diet and supplementation can be in order to be happy and healthy. From a young age I suffered from headaches, and consequently had a tough time in school. Fortunately, my father and hero Richard Kunin, MD, had started his lifelong work in nutrition oriented medicine. Through testing, he discovered that I had sensitivities to sugar—especially soft drinks—and that I had lead poisoning. My father prescribed vitamins and changes to my diet. Soon, the headaches disappeared and my life dramatically improved! This experience taught me the true health benefits of proper vitamin supplementation; and I developed a desire to share my father’s groundbreaking knowledge with the rest of the world.

We originally designed a line of capsules that would require taking a handful of pills. On one fateful day I looked over at my then 2-year-old son Blake, and the “light bulb” came on—I had found the solution! I realized there had to be a better way for people to get their nutrients, and we decided to develop a nutrient rich drink that was also delicious. Ultimately, the formula and taste had to be good enough for my son.

We started with two simple goals.... First, to offer scientifically advanced formulas based on the most current clinical research and studies; and second, to make taking your vitamins easy and pleasurable.

I think you will agree we accomplished those goals. Ola Loa offers the most comprehensive and strategic nutritional support available in a powdered drink form, and drinking one packet daily actually makes taking your vitamins enjoyable and convenient. I hope that Ola Loa will become your nutritional foundation for a healthy and happy life.

To your health... Wishing you good health and Ola Loa!

Gregory Kunin