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Ola Loa Advantage chart

Let's face it. Most people don't look forward to taking their daily vitamin supplements. The number of pills and capsules can be bothersome and often complicated—some taken with food, some without. If you skip a meal or forgot to take your pills at breakfast, do you then take them with you and try to remember to take them later with lunch...or dinner...or tomorrow? Do you sometimes forget? And if you think that's inconvenient, consider this: when you do manage to take your capsules or pills, you can never be sure your body will fully absorb their ingredients. What a waste of energy, time and money!

Ola Loa, The Better Solution

When we created our line of Ola Loa vitamin drink mixes, we started with two simple goals: First, to offer scientifically advanced formulas based on the most current clinical research and studies. Second, we wanted to make it both easy and pleasurable to take your vitamins. What we ultimately achieved is a line of products that satisfied both those goals (products with advanced formulation that are convenient to take), as well as being effective and efficient through the means they are easily absorbed by the body. These three factors—Formulation, Convenience, Absorption—enable Ola Loa to offer the most comprehensive and strategic nutritional support available in a powdered drink form!

It's Easy To Drink Your Vitamins!

With Ola Loa multivitamin drink mixes, getting your daily nutrient supplements is not only convenient and delicious, but also what you are taking is based on sound nutrition science. Our products are formulated to help the body utilize their ingredients efficiently and effectively. The superior formulation of Ola Loa products, the easy-to-take convenience of our "drink your vitamins" system with its efficient absorption of ingredients are the factors that make up what we call the Ola Loa Advantage!

Learn more about the three aspects of the Ola Loa Advantage ( Formulation - Convenience - Absorption ) and how they make our multi-vitamin drink mix products superior to other products on the market.