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Ola Loa Multi-Vitamin Mix Mineral Formulas

Multivitamins for energy, and antioxidant protection for adults, kids, and active people

“drinkableOLA LOA multi-vitamin mineral products were created with your health and continued well being in mind. Whether you are choosing our ENERGY Super Multi for superior vitality and antioxidant protection, our KIDS Multi formula, our REPAIR Formula for unparalleled bone and joint support, or our SPORT all-natural thirst-quenching hydrating drink formula for active people, you can be sure you are getting the most healthy and complete nutritional formulas available. Our product formulas were created by Richard Kunin, M.D., a nutrition-oriented physician and Orthomolecular specialist with 30+ years of experience in nutrition medicine and practice. Dr. Kunin pioneered the use of vitamins and minerals in today’s medical practice.

Ola Loa products are recommended for everyday vibrant health as a general anti-aging vitamin supplement for energy and vitality, and for antioxidant protection. They are also great to bring along when traveling. If you spend time outdoors in the summer sun, Ola Loa can also provide protection against harmful ultraviolet exposure. So take your Ola Loa with you wherever you go.

Ola Loa is currently available in four product formulas, plus our latest Hydroxycobalamin B-12 with Active Folate. Our individual product pages contain complete information about each formula and their ingredients. Our ENERGY, KIDS, REPAIR and SPORT products are available in individual packets of effervescent powder, sold in boxes of 30 packets. Ola Loa B-12 is available in sublingual-activated tablets, and sold in bottles of 60 .