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What our customers are saying...

From celebrities and professional athletes, to experts and authors of the nutritional medical world, Ola Loa is considered the easiest way to stay healthy. As you scroll down, you will also find testimonials submitted by some of our millions of loyal customers. Read for yourself what they say about how Ola Loa products are helping to keep them healthy, happy, and at their best!

A customer who used OlaLoa to help heal after surgery writes...

"I found out about Ola Loa through Chris Beat Cancer and the Health Ranger. I started using the Ola Loa ENERGY Vitamins after surgery to remove a ruptured disk in my neck. I used the product as part of an integrative approach to healing efficiently and effectively—and it worked. I healed well from my surgery (faster than others that have had the same surgery). Everyone is amazed at how quickly I was up and back to my normal function.

Surgery is always very hard and taxing on the body—I wanted to do everything I could to ensure my body had what it needed to heal. And that's why I used Ola Loa! I love this product, and I continue to use it every day!
—Kimberly M.

A customer suffering from fibromyalgia syndrom writes...

"I was telling someone about how horrible I was feeling with fibromyalgia symptoms. She recommended that I try the Ola Loa vitamins so I did. After a month of drinking these vitamins everyday, I started having less pain. My moods were lifted and even my skin looked better. We are always ready to spend money on other things and not really caring about the price. The health that these vitamins restored for me is worth every penney and more. I would highly recommend anyone give these supplements a try. Your health deserves it!"
—Lynn D.

Looking and feeling younger…

"I have been taking Ola Loa for thirteen years. I look and feel 20 years younger than I am. I am in love!"
—Stessy U.

A customer with MS writes...

"Hello, my name is Gloria Martin and I have MS. I’ve been using your products for almost 2 months now and all I can say is that no matter what time of day that I take your liquid vitamins, my energy increases without any side effects whatsoever! Thank God for your company and creation! It really does my body good! May God continue to bless you in your business!"
—Gloria Martin

San Francisco Bay To Breakers marathoners write...

"Four years ago, my niece and I decided to try the 12k Bay to Breakers race. We ate a good breakfast, took our vitamins, and brought along water and energy bars. By the time we reached mile 4, we were so exhausted we could hardly move and abandoned the race.

Three years ago, we decided to try Bay to Breakers again, but this time we had purchased Ola Loa Sport and Ola Loa Multivitamin at the Expo. Like the year before, we ate a good breakfast, but this time we had Ola Loa Multivitamins and instead of plain water, we put Ola Loa Sport into our water bottles. We finished the race and felt great!! We have taken Ola Loa ever since and each year our time improves. We KNOW that Ola Loa makes a difference in our stamina, because we proved it! And by the way, I'm 65, my niece is 41, and we will be in Bay to Breakers again this year, along with our Ola Loa!"
—-Elaine O.

A daughter writes...

"My 98-year-old mother suddenly became ill and a couple of days ago went from being mobile to bedridden. I drove to Fresno to bring her Ola Loa Energy and gave her a double serving size. I have had her attendants giving her the drink throughout the day yesterday and today. I just spoke to her via telephone, and she is now up again and doing fine—and has regained her strength! Sending this testimony to let you know how your product is really helping society."
—Maria Y.

Seniors drinking Ola Loa's ENERGY product report having more vitality and vigor...

“I cannot believe how much better, energetic and healthy I feel when I take Ola Loa. I am 64 and feel 20 years younger!"
—Roberta B., Portland, Oregon

“I have been taking your Ola Loa Energy Drink for several years now. I am very pleased with the results I have had thus far. I believe Ola Loa is the best nutritional supplement on the market. The fact that Ola Loa dissolves in water makes it very digestible and therefore much more easily absorbed than vitamin supplements which come in tablet or caplet forms.

Here are a few of the benefits I have derived from this product:

  • Increased energy.
  • Antiaging properties. Some people have told me I haven't aged in well over 10 years. My granddaughters sometimes accidentally call me "daddy."
  • A small amount of hair regrowth. I have done a bit of research and have discovered that biotin, cysteine, and iodine may reduce pattern baldness in both men and women. All of these ingredients are present in Ola Loa Energy Drink.
  • Boosted immune system. I work in a hospital and am exposed to many contagious illnesses. I rarely get sick.
  • An overall feeling of well-being.

I have never hesitated to recommend Ola Loa Energy Drink to anyone and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for providing an excellent product at a reasonable price."
—Gary S.

"Ola Loa's Cran-Rasberry ENERGY is by far the best energy booster. As for being healthy, this product has a pleasant taste, 1 gram of sugar, 0 fat, and only 1 calorie. It has boosted my energy, stamina and thought processing. I now feel better and have the energy to do things that I once felt I was no longer capable of doing. In addition, for those with mild urinary problems, I personally feel with the addition of cranberry provides a good curtailment to this issue as well.

I would recommend Ola Loa Cran-Rasberry ENERGY to anyone and everyone that lacks energy, especially all seniors!"
—Chris B.

A customer who cannot tolerate vitamins in pill/capsule form...

"Hi, my name is Carolyn and I recently came across your product and website. I have never ever been able to take any type of multivitamin/multimineral product in any form without getting sick and suffering from stomach upset. After viewing your website I felt compelled to try your product, and was so happy that I could go to the store and buy it locally (I am not an impulse person who tries every new thing that I read or hear about).

I went home and immediately took your energy drink even though it was early evening. I have to say that within minutes I began to literally feel revitalized. I felt like I might be up all night for taking the product so late in the day. I did stay up a little later than usual and got quite a bit accomplished. When I laid down to go to sleep, I slept soundly all night and awoke refreshed. I LOVE this stuff.

I will be 53 in a couple of weeks and am in relatively good health. However, I knew that I needed to be taking some type of vitamin/mineral supplementation just because our food is not what it used to be. I am so happy that I discovered to your product, and I have been telling everyone I know to go to Whole Foods and get some. I will be a customer for life. Thank you so much for your product!"
—Carolyn B.

Customers who are no longer prone to frequent illness write...

"I have been sick all my life. I get sick at least once every other month, sometimes more.... bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, pneumonia, you name it. I found Ola Loa at the Sundance Film Festival during a time when everyone there was getting sick or was sick. I worked in close quarters with over 10 sick people! I decided to try the lemon-lime SPORT product just to see if it might help me fight the bug I felt coming on.

The very next day, my beginning "bug" was gone... completely and totally gone. From that day on, whenever I feel a little down or that I might be catching something, I drink the lemon-lime SPORT for a day or two. And, I have officially not been sick for ONE YEAR!!!! That is a record of massive proportions for me; and I cannot thank you enough. I reccommend the product to everyone I know. I hope and pray for your continued success as I cannot live without your product!"
—DeLacy H.

"I am a fairly healthy 65-year-old male who has been prone to at least 3 colds and nasty sore throats per year for my whole life. I travel extensively in my sales position with all the related exposures to all kinds of detrimental health stuff. I have always tried to take regular vitamins, but they never seemed to do much for my general health. I heard about Ola Loa about 6 years ago in a Natural Foods Convention and started taking the Ola Loa Energy product reqularly from that time forward. I have had but 2 colds in the last 6 years.

Ola Loa is amazing! Tastes good too. Oh... I find that doubling the dose when feeling a little down or just getting back from a trip works wonders. It's the best on the market bar none."
—William C.

A customer with low blood sugar...

“So often in life we buy a product and it just doesn't work as advertised. Not so with Ola Loa. For the past two months I have been using the Energy drink and I feel better than ever. Besides having excellent, sustained energy throughout the day, I have noticed my blood sugar has been more stable. For most of my life I've battled low blood sugar and the resulting "swings" that come with such a condition. Now, I rarely feel such dips and I attribute this to your product. I've made no other changes in my diet or supplement intake.

Thank you for creating a product that works and tastes great.”
—Mark H., Texas

An customer with diabetes writes...

“I have only been taking Ola Loa for a about a month but WOW what a difference! I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I am amazed how good I feel. I have been taking a vitamin pill for years and have never felt the energy I've felt in the short time I've been taking Ola Loa.

I LOVE this product!”

A customer who has had gastric bypass surgery...

"After having Gastric Bypass in 2003, I have lost 170 pounds! But, along with the weight I have also lost the (ability to absorb) necessary vitamins that my body needs to function on a daily basis. There is NO way I could get them from the small amount of food I eat, or from the horse pills that I fought to swallow but eventually give up on. That was until I tried Ola Loa supplements. I love the taste—no more gagging—and I feel wonderful!

Now I can be happy and confident knowing that I am getting all the vitamins that I need. Thank you Ola Loa!"
—Pam W.

A certified personal trainer switches to Ola Loa...

"I am a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and have been using Ola Loa over the past year. I converted from another commonly known competiting product, which I had used for about 5 years on almost a daily basis. I love Ola Loa because of its low sugars, the presence of a wide spectrum of amino acids, and higher levels of electrolytes than the competitor products—all that goodness for only 10 calories.

I could not train a full day's worth of clients, train myself, plus fit in hot yoga WITHOUT Ola Loa's vitamin, mineral and otherwise well-balanced support. I highly recommend it—both taste and performance-wise—especially when a low calorie diet is in place."
—Lisa M.

Ola Loa Tropical Energy a life saver for those on Gluten-restricted diets...

"I'm an 86 year old woman who a few years ago was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was not absorbing my nutrients and was told to go on a gluten-free diet. My daughter researched your products and found that the Tropical Energy Multivitamin is gluten-free. Also, the formula would allow me to be able to get nutrients and vitamins directly into my system. Thanks to Ola Loa my health steadily improved, and today I am active and more energetic. Every morning, taking Ola Loa Tropical is a part of my routine. Thank you Ola Loa!"
—Jonette H.

A weight loss consultant writes...

"My 9 year-old daughter needed to lose about 45 pounds. After seeing my homeopathic doctor, he suggested she use the energy drink among some other vitamins. the Ola Loa was incredible. It gave her so much energy, within 3 weeks she had lost 25 pounds and it only took us 2 months total to get her weight back down to normal. She had been spending the summer with her grandparents who were giving her fast foods, ice cream, doughnuts, etc. She had packed on the weight and needed it to come off. Our family is highly diabetic and I was afraid to give her the energy drink with the sugar included. It worked fantastically because once she finished the box, the vitamin suddenly took away her craving for sugar. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for making such a wonderful product.

I have included your product on the suggested list for my clients. You are the best."
—Sandy H.

A fitness trainer writes about our SPORT product...

"As a fitness professional, the physical and mental demands on my body require a constant process of replenishing minerals, nutrients and electrolytes back into my body. If I don't, my body feels and knows the difference... and it doesn't like it. I have used many products, and none have compared to your SPORT powder drink. I now use it before and after workouts, and even on the days I am not... My body says A BIG THANK YOU!"
—Maria L., Ft Lauderdale

An endurance trainer writes...

"I can't say enough about your products! If ever there was a question about the quality of your products, it was answered at the Los Angeles Marathon in 2008. My first day there (Friday), I fell asleep in our booth with a 102 temperature and nauseated. You gave me several packages of your vitamins, 2 of which I took right away. I later went back to my hotel, went to bed, and continued to take a package every 4 hours as you recommended. To everyone's surprise when I woke up on Saturday feeling good enough to go to the expo, and spent 10 hours in our booth talking with customers. Then on Sunday, my folks gave me the option of not running the marathon, but I really wanted to -- and finished in a little over 5 hours thanks to Ola Loa! You totally exceed your claims! Thanks again."
— N. Kent Booi
USATF Level 1 Certified Coach
Distance Specialist, James Logan High School
Union City, CA"

A sleep deprived mother writes...

"I started drinking the Ola Loa SPORT Drink when my daughter was born (I'm not a coffee drinker). She had colic the first 6 months of her life, and after staying up with her night after night and getting only 2 hours of sleep, I needed that extra jolt in the morning... something to GET me going and KEEP me going throughout the day. Let me tell you, this stuff is AMAZING! And it doesn't have the nasty taste that some sports and energy drinks have. I just go to the fridge, drink one down and BAM! — I'm good to go!!

Thanks Ola Loa, for getting me through the first 6 months of motherhood. My daughter has now outgrown the colic, but our mornings still begin with Ola Loa. I used to wake up to her colicky cries morning after morning and drag myself out of bed to fix her a bottle. Now, she wakes me up and surprises me with a bottle of Ola Loa in bed. Children grow up so fast, but some things never change. One thing that will never change for us is our 'Ola Loa' mornings. Thank you, Ola Loa for giving us a great start, every day."
—Elizabeth L.

Ola Loa is great for those whose jobs leave them stressed and sleep deprived too...

"I am a freelance graphic arts professional working in publishing and advertising. It's stressful deadline driven work that sometimes leaves me with more work to do than a standard 8-hour work day offers. As my deadlines close in, I occasionally need to work through the night—sometimes for days at a time. Ola Loa not only helps me to keep it going during these "crunches" but is a great restorative once projects wrap. My remedy after being awake for sometimes days is to take a few packets of Ola Loa Energy before heading off to sleep. When I awake, I feel refreshed and as if I never missed a night's sleep. I've been doing this for years, and it really works!

I highly recommend Ola Loa for anyone whose work involves deadlines. It has helped me to remain healthy, alert, and on top of my game."
—Rich R., San Francisco

Ola Loa is great for jet lag too...

"My husband and I took a long flight through Japan from Guam to Honolulu. We were so jetlagged, sore and dragging. We hobbled into our favorite health store and asked the sales clerk for a vitamin pack for us because we were jetlagged. She quickly brought us to the display for Ola Loa. We were happy that she pointed out that it is effervescent, and that it works quickly. She was enthusiastic about the product, so we bought a few packages. They offered water in the store, so we drank it immediately.

Within an hour we were standing straight and had increased energy. We felt great! We went back to the store to buy more for the trip home, and bought a whole box... fantastic results and great for us. My husband is 50 yrs old, and I am 47 yrs old. Thank you for making it easy to order online. I urge others to try Ola Loa... tastes great too!"
—Maria C.

And from the many others who say Ola Loa has changed their lives...

"Ola Loa makes me feel so great and gives me so much energy that I look forward to taking it everyday."
—Susan F., Sausalito, California

“An incredible thing has happened in my family! We are all starting to feel healthy for the first time in years. I can honestly tell you there is a definite and distinct difference in the way all of us feel because we are becoming well nourished through your marvelous discovery. Thank you Ola Loa for changing so many lives!”
—Anne E. Higly, Arizona

“Last January on vacation in Maui. My Mother and Sister talked into taking a vitamin. In the past I have tried many different kinds and the all have made me constipated and I feel no better for taking them. I complained that none of them ever work for me. We were having breakfast and discussing what we going to do today. In my head I said ‘ I just want to swim a little and lie on the beach and relax’. To them I said what ever you guys want to do. Then I took your Energy topical favour drink, and my sister could not believe there wasn’t anything I wanted to do. And with out thinking I said aloud, Well, I’d like to go for a long walk on the beach do some swimming a little bit of tanning. Then I want to go check out the shop in Wealea, and then go for dinner. I stopped thought about what I just said. I went okay that is a big deference to what I thought I wanted to do. Since that day I’ve taken your vitamin everyday and have gotten my son into taking them. It’s given me the energy to start a weight loss program that I’m self-motivating, so far 22 pounds and counting. We both agree we feel sluggish if we miss a day.
Loving my vitamins from up north,”
—Lisa Martin, Chilliwack, BC (Canada)

"I have been struggling with cramps that led to injuries in my calves for several years. The injuries generally occurred while I was playing basketball in the morning. Then someone told me to try your Ola Loa Sport Drink, suggesting my calf problems stemmed from improper hydration. Well, ever since I started taking your product, I've not experienced any problems with my calves. I believe this is due to the special blends of nutrients in your product. Thanks!"
—Steve (47 years old)

"For me, the Ola Loa Energy drink is quite and eye opener in the mornings. I don't even need coffee. And it has really helped me in the work office as well, where I am more attentive and can get more work done."
—Angel A.

“This is the best vitamin drink on earth. Tastes great and good for you."
—David F.

"...we really DO love your multi vitamin cran rasberry packets. My daughter has a difficult time taking any pills, but she will drink juice with your packets and it seems to help support her system (she has POTS). Thank you!"
—Carol H.

"My 81-year-old father had to go through surgery about a month ago. I bought him some Ola Loa to take before the surgery. The doctors were amazed at how well he took the surgery and how fast his recovery was. He is so impressed with Ola Loa that he is going to continue taking it –and that says alot because he has always been very leery of ‘these newfangled natural health things.’ Ola Loa has been a blessing."
—Veronica B., Glendale Arizona

"I volunteered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Upon my early morning arrival, I was totally sleep deprived, but knew I had to complete an 8-hour shift that day which would go until midnight. I saw a box of Ola Loa vitamin packets in the volunteer office and I decided to mix one into my water bottle. While I'm sure that the excitement of just being at Sundance kept me awake and energized, drinking Ola Loa made me feel totally refreshed and alert for the evening—not jittery. The following day I woke up early to complete another 8-hour shift and once again emptied a delicious packet of orange-flavored Ola Loa into my water bottle. Ola Loa gave me the "clean" energy feeling I needed—something that caffeine drinks just can't deliver.

Volunteering at Sundance was one of the best experiences of my life, and I have Ola Loa to thank for keeping me healthfully fueled and hydrated the whole way through."
—Kristen L.

"I'm a huge fan. Ever since the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City I've been drinking my vitamins—and am healthy. Usually I'm bogged down with a cold by now! As I am now an evangelist, I have raided the San Rafael Whole Foods for almost their entire stash. It tastes great, it doesn't upset my tummy like vitamins do, and it's been warding off colds since I started drinking it in January."
—Gretchen R., California

"...I poured the packet of Ola Loa into a cup of water and immediately felt energized, not sleepy and sluggish as I had felt prior to drinking the vitamin. I am hooked."
—Towanda S.

"I wanted to thank you for your Ola Loa products. Originally I was hesitant to try it, but I had become tired of taking pills, which I'd been doing it for years. I’ve always studied health and nutrition, and I live a very healthy lifestyle and eat very well. The past 1-1/2 years I have been struggling to recover from the birth of my 3rd child (I also have a 7 and 3 year old). I was just not feeling good, feeling very tired, run down, exhausted, depressed, you name it—just miserable. Then, I decided to try the Energy product. I took it and was instantly a different person (or who I was always supposed to be). I just felt so good, my headache disappeared, and I just felt awake and WELL. I was curious, thinking it was the electrolytes in your product that made me feel so good. From that day forward, I felt better.

Then, I started taking the Repair product at night before bed. After the very first night, upon waking in the morning, I no longer had achy joints. Also my ankles and feet no longer hurt. I thought it was just miraculous. I continue to feel great and take it every night after dinner. So thank you. I was also just watching a program on TV about the benefits of DMG, and I was like, ‘oh I better take that too’ but it already sounded familiar. I then realized TMG was in your vitamins and that I was already getting it! I was thrilled!

So many thanks from a new loyal customer."
—Anne L.

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