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CURRICULUM VITAE 2021 (partial)


  • Private practice of orthomolecular-health-medicine, (general medical-psychiatry, focus on nutrition, toxicology, physiology) 1963-2021
  • Columnist: "Putting Nutrition First." The New Fillmore (monthly circulation). San Francisco. 1986-1999 (over 150 articles published)
  • Society for Orthomolecular Health-Medicine, President 1994-2021
    Professional continuing education society for licensed health professionals. (CME category I accredited by California Medical Association)
  • Autism Research Institute, Board of Directors 1991-2021
  • National Health Federation, Board of Directors 1993-2021
  • National Health Federation, Board Vice-chairman 1994-2021
  • Editorial Board, Alternative Medicine Magazine 1995-2021
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (Toronto) 1982-2021
  • Ola Loa, LLC (Health products), Director of Research 2000-2021
  • Mayor’s Council on Homelessness (San Francisco) 2004-2021
  • Inducted into the Orthomolecular Hall of Fame 2008
  • Honorary Board Member, The Future of Medicine Foundation 2021


  • Society for Orthomolecular Health-Medicine (San Francisco)


  • American Medical Association (1963-1995)
  • California Medical Association (1963-1995)
  • San Francisco Medical Society (1963-1995)
  • American Psychiatric Association (Life member)
  • San Francisco Academy of Hypnosis (President, 1970)
  • Co-Founder, Past President, Orthomolecular Medical Society (1976)


  • Valedictorian, North High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1949.
  • B.S., University of Minnesota, 1953.
  • M.D., University of Minnesota Medical School, 1955.
  • Intern (rotating), Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, NY 1955-56.
  • Resident, New York Hospital, Payne Whitney Clinic 1956-59.
  • NIH Special Fellow (neurophysiology), Stanford University Medical Center, Department of Neurology, 1962-63.


  • Instructor in psychiatry, Cornell University School of Medicine, 1959.
  • Captain, U.S., Army Medical Corps,
  • 121st Evacuation Hospital (Korea) and Valley Forge Army Hospital (Pennsylvania), 1959-1961.
  • Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (P), 1962.
  • Consultant, Stanford University, Department of Psychology,
  • graduate practicum in behavior therapy, 1963-64.
  • Lecturer in hypnosis, University of California Medical School, Langley Porter
  • Neuropsychiatric Institute, 1968-71.
  • President, San Francisco Academy of Hypnosis, 1970
  • President, Steppingstone, San Francisco Women’s Recovery Home, 1971.
  • President, Orthomolecular Medical Society, 1979-82.
  • Consultant, State of California, Napa State Hospital,
  • Orthomolecular Treatment Project, 1978-1980
  • President, International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (Toronto) 1993-1996
  • Founding President, Society for Orthomolecular Health-Medicine (California) 1994-2021
  • International Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine. Treasurer. 1998- 2002
  • Board Member, The National Health Federation


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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ola Loa's cofounder Richard A. Kunin, M.D, on 2/23/2021. Dr. Kunin was an author, researcher, lecturer, and pioneer in the fields of hypnosis and nutrition oriented medicine. He also developed the formulas for our Ola Loa products which have helped to improve the lives of so many. His loss is truly immeasurable.

The National Health Federation dedicated its Spring 2021 issue of Health Freedom News magazine to Dr. Kunin. A condensed version of the publication can be viewed HERE.