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Ola Loa is so gentle for your system that it can be taken anytime—even on an empty stomach. And because Ola Loa is mixed in a liquid base, the nutrients will absorb better than any pill or tablet possibly could. This means your body will get the full power of your nutrients, as well as the full value for your money.

Clearly stated, Ola Loa's "Drink-Your-Vitamins" supplements have a distinct advantage over other products in pill and tablet form...

Nutrient Absorption Within the Body

Your ability to absorb nutrients from supplements and food depends a great deal on your body's level of stomach acids and digestive enzymes. As we age, our bodies produce significantly less enzymes and acids, and therefore our bodies are not able to absorb as many nutrients from food, pills or tablets.

With pills or tablets only 10-20% of the nutrient content is absorbed

The fact is most pills and tablets do not dissolve and break down in the body anyway, so much of their nutritional value and effectiveness is lost. The Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) states that the body can only absorb 10-20% of the nutrient content of a pill or tablet. Pills and tablets are not as efficient for absorption when compared to liquid.

Wondering about all those multi-vitamin and mineral pills you've been taking? You’re literally flushing them away.

Ola Loa's supplements are easier for the body to absorb.

With Ola Loa's effervescent drink mixes, there is no need for your body to break down the vitamins. That's because they already are dissolved—in water or juice! When you drink Ola Loa, virtually all the nutrients are efficiently processed by the digestive tract and easily absorbed directly into the body's cells. The PDR suggests that the body absorbs 98% of the nutrients in a supplement like Ola Loa. It’s no wonder our customers report feeling better within minutes of taking the products, and looking younger than they have in years. They are finally absorbing their nutrients!

If you want to feel and look your best, and be healthier and more active, then Drink Your Vitamins. Drink Ola Loa!


Ola Loa Advantage chart

Learn more about the three aspects of the Ola Loa Advantage ( Formulation - Convenience - Absorption ) and how they make our multi-vitamin drink mix products superior to other products on the market.