Healthy hearts for the holidaysThe holidays are in full swing and with it comes an increase in heart attacks. How could it be during this incredible month of celebration and joy that there could be an increased risk of death to go along with it?

As far as I am concerned it's very simple. Starting with Thanksgiving and continuing through to New Years, we let our hair down and let loose with an incredible amount of good cheer which includes a big increase in the consumption of animal protein which leads to increased homocysteine levels which leads to an increase in heart attack. It's sobering to remember that Chambers & McGregor showed that the average healthy male had a decrease of 85% in blood flow by simply consuming the amount of methionine found in two steaks.

"Brazil's health ministry urgently requested 140 of the cyanide-treatment kits containing the medicine hydroxocobalamin"*

Image of the Brazilian nightclub ruins in which 238 people lost their lives. In February, a terrible nightclub fire took the lives of 236 people in Brazil leaving over 140 people with acute Cyanide poisoning due to the combustible materials that outgassed Cyanide. Currently the standard treatment for acute cyanide poisoning is a very special form of Vitamin B12 that is used in Ola Loa Products, HydroxyCobalamin. I find it amusing that this vitamin is being referred to as a "medicine." Ironically, virtually all vitamin B12 supplements contain the cyanide form of B12 known as CyanoCobalamin. This form of Cobalamin is already bound to a cyanide molecule and can't detoxify cyanide.

image graphic - NO PROZAC!With the recent shootings in New Town, CT there has been a justifiable outcry for something to be done but I'm worried that our representatives in Washington and elsewhere will overreach and not make us any safer. Our elected officials seem obsessed with the idea of gun control and are doing a disservice by referring to certain weapons as "assault weapons". The fact is all firearms in the wrong hands are potentially "assault weapons" and with over 300 million firearms in circulation gun control does very little from keeping guns out of the hands of deranged individuals determined to get their hands on a firearm. What New Town shows us, like other tragedies of this type is that we don't have a gun control problem as much as a medical problem. What's going on with these people to commit such horrible acts? And is there a way to work with these people before they become killers? I believe there is and the Orthomolecular approach is the answer.

Richard Deth, Ph.D., shows that HydroxyCobalamin (Vitamin B12) is more available in almost all tissue of the body!

Many of you have probably heard me say the form or source of an ingredient can make a huge difference. One such ingredient is Vitamin B12. Ola Loa has gone out of our way to make sure that you have access to the most available form of Vitamin B12 (HydroxyCobalamin) versus the common form of Vitamin B12 (CyanoCobalamin, just think Cyanide). At $6,000 more per kilo, is there any wonder why most other companies use the less expensive, toxic form? In the slide below, Dr. Deth shows that the body uses HydroxyCobalamin up to 300%+ better than even MethylCobalamin.

I received this testimonial today and was so inspired I wanted to share it with all of you. This is what drives me to make Ola Loa. My mission is to make your life better and when you receive feedback like this from your customers it makes all the hard work worth it.

"I wanted to thank you for your products. I was hesitant to try it, but I had become tired of taking pills, and have been doing it for years. I’ve always studied health and nutrition and live a very healthy lifestyle and eat very well. The past 1 ½ years I have been struggling to recover from the birth of my 3rd child (I have a 7 and 3 year old). I was just not feeling good. Very tired, run down, exhausted, depressed, you name it, just miserable. Then, I decided to try the Energy product. I took it and was instantly a different person (or who I was always supposed to be). I just felt so good. My headache disappeared, I just felt awake and well. I was curious, I thought it was the electrolytes in your product, that made me feel so good. Being under so much stress is so dehydrating, plus I live in a warm climate. So from that day forward, I felt better. Then, I started taking the Repair product at night before bed, and after the very first night, when I woke up in the morning, I no longer had achy joints, my ankles and feet did not hurt any more. I thought it was miraculous. I continue to feel great and take it every night after dinner.

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